New RC South West

Seems like an impressive character…

Interesting that he comes from a training background and has genuine experience as a CFAV (albeit ACF).


A SI at my Sqn worked with him at Cosford.

Apparently a top bloke to work with a gets results

How long will this one last?

Not long if he is any good! :rofl:


didn’t they say the same about his predecessor?

which makes me echo

the good ones get pinched to higher priority tasking.
OC RTS once its moved to Cranwell anyone?

interesting he has held media roles in the past…will he offer Aunty Dawn a run for her SM money?

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Wonder what rank he left service, could he have left as a Wg Cdr like some others

He was a wg cdr when OC Trg Wg at RAF Halton in 2015. Without pinpointing things via the Gazette, he was a flt lt (Benson) in 2001, & sqn ldr 2006-2010 (DCDS, PERS-PM-SO2).

In this particular instance though, I think it was more a case of he got fed up banging his head against the wall then something better came up. Can’t blame him - I think there’s a number of us who would seek something else (I know some who left for SCC and ACF, for example) if we felt it were a valid option. Difference being it was his job and career, this is our hobby and there are other factors keeping us in.


i wasn’t speaking specifically of an individual, simply a more general statement…

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And another who’s ex-PTI Branch

@AlexCorbin IIRC people said the CAC was a top woman and got results.

There is a world of difference when you may have access to all the resources and you are measured each year for performance to get pay increments and promotion points, and being FTRS in the RAFAC.

I hope he does fulfil people’s expectations, as these are more demanding, bigger and much more varied than those in the RAF who he may have been in charge of or reporting to.

Nothing at all, and much more preferable to have someone who’s had some experience of cadet forces than none.

But if it were a choice, I’d want him to have been in the ACO so he knew a bit more about the organisation and its particular challenges.

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I agree, but considering the length of time since he was a cadet/CFAV the ACO would be so different that it may as well have been the ACF.

I’m curious how much the ACF has changed over that time in comparison.

I just hope he realises that we are not a phase 1 training establishment, though there are some CFAV out there who don’t get that either!


In some limited ways we are.
Like always repeating material to a new intake.

But I 100% get what you’re saying!

Having met the new RC and had some

He is hitting the road running. I feel he will be good. Shame about the previous RC. But I know he was very frustrated.

Yep met him at the RWO Conf very receptive listened to our concerns and also had some solutions! Thoroughly optimistic about him

Until he banned virtual Boards…