New Rank Equivalence Posters

Wasn’t too sure where to put this, but I’ve not seen a rank equivalence poster at a squadron for a long time.

BFBS have kindly repoduced such a poster, released this week. Below is a link to 2 versions - 1 including the civil service structure too.

Given the expected increase in purple operations, this might be a valuable tool.


Did the Marines really need their own column? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Don’t start the whole CS grade to Military Rank argument :man_shrugging:t2::roll_eyes:

Try telling a Sqn Ldr they are the same rank as a HEO, :rofl::rofl:

The HEOs (still better known as C2s) on our team literally do the same jobs as cpls.

AS2 is wonky
We have L/Cpl’s in the RAF Regt
They have missed AS1 (T)
Do we still have Chf Tech’s?


Read the bottom; they’ve deliberately missed some ranks for simplicity. Imagine how long this would be if they included all the different army ranks!

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Is it still where a Major or Above (RM) is afloat, they “rank up” so a Major RM outranks a Major Army or Sqn Ldr…

There are no different Army ranks: just alternative titles for the same ranks. AS1(T) and Chf Tech are separate ranks, not just alternative titles for ranks already listed.

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What astounds me is that BFBS are having to create one at all! Surely these should be issued by the MOD.

I have been trying to source just an RAF one with the (not so) new ranks - has anyone got a copy of one or a link to one?

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Not for much longer…

Glad there’s a new one with a more modern and cleaned up look to it. The one you used to get (with the cartoons) wasn’t always a great one to use. And adding Civil Service should be helpful though maybe not in a cadet setting.

I suppose it’s reminding people that they follow the Army rank structure even though they’re boat people…

But what about all the intricacies of the Army structure, Cpl of Horse, etc

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But what about all the intricacies of the Army structure, Cpl of Horse, etc :man_shrugging:

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That’s a regiment thing rather than Army thing though

Or knowing who is a Staff Sgt and who is a Colour Sgt…

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Pretty much the case that if they’re infantry they’re a Colour Sergeant - because these were the people responsible for the unit’s colour (standard) during war.

Almost everyone else is Staff Sergeant, with some exceptions (Household Cav are weird with their Staff Corporals).


Not to mention who is a Colour Sergeant and who is a Colour Serjeant…

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Or privates who are trooper, gunner, guardsman, sapper, signalman, kingsman, fusilier, craftsman and rifleman

Just goes to prove its not as easy as some think!!