New PME process

Lovely, more e-learning training to submit a PME by the looks of the latest IBN - may as well make it mandatory whilst they’re at it!

…and in classic style… Half way through the training package… “Error 502 Bad Gateway”. :man_facepalming:

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The biggest issue with PMEs is that the military like everyone to do the same thing yet in the police it’s 43 forces doing things 52 ways.

the police have primacy and are the ones who say how we should do things from a security point of view (because a the threats are different geographically). It shouldn’t be a one size fits all.

PME annoys me.

It is known to some that I also wear a RBL hat, namely that of a Parade Marshall and organise some parades.
I invite along the usual suspects and with it the Cadet Forces - as predicted the local ATC units contact me asking for PME approval as per the flow chart as ATC attendance is always part of a larger event they get in contact with me as the “civlian organisation” to:

Confirm that organisers have liaised with civilian police and have submitted a PME application.

I duly did this for a few years with the local PCSO bobby who took it as read “cheers for letting us know” - last year however that contact changed and some jobs worth asked for the full process. The appropriate Army Sy office got in touch asking me to fill out a form…all of it clearly should be filled in by the “military unit” not the civilian organisers - i replied as such and they apologies having understood the situation.
frustratingly the ACF seem to submit their PME routinely - I always took it they were cutting corners and not interested, but I found out that they submit a PME and I was asked if my event was the same as the ACF one they had a PME received for!

the sooner that flow chart is amended the better imo as it is a circle of falsehood - asks ATC to confirm Civilian organisation to submit - Civilian organisation told not their duty and for the ATC to submit under their policy - ATC policy is to confirm with civilian organisation…and so on.

Have you fed this up the chain?

I would suggest rather than feeding up go to the WO security direct as it will give him a better feel for what’s on the ground. The county lines brief came out of a cfav making a respectful suggestion bout their local force so may well be worth feeding in.

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seeing the email address on the IBN to pose questions to that is exactly what I have done this morning…


I would have thought that notifying the police of a remembrance service parade is the responsibility of the local civic authority. The RBL may marshal, but are most ‘Legion parades’ not officially organised by the local council?

I always used to submit the PME through the RAFAC for our local parade, since the council never got involved. It was I and a volunteer from the local Scout group who started putting on the parade in the first place. So I’ve got no experience with bigger ‘more organised’ services.

we’re in danger of going way off topic here so shall react here but perhaps PM is best for further discussion

Remembrance Parades are a civic event and thus the responsibility of the local civic authority, CA (town or Parish council) as such you are correct - it falls under the to do list of the CA to complete.
That isn’t to say the RBL cannot be involved or assist in coordination. Often the CA are volunteers and have little interest, experience or desire to get involved in such a large event - the RBL Members however are keen and often have experience of such things and so a joint partnership is set up. Everything is done in the CA name, but 50% of it might be done by the RBL.
this is how it works for me. Everything I do with my RBL hat on goes through the Council Clerk. For me is it mainly invites and supply wreaths, leaving the road closures, RA, notification to the local bus company, promotion and advertising, to the CA being as it is their event they can look after the “legal” bits.

no not at all. only Remembrance is being a civic event and thus civic responsibilty.
the RBL can hold as many parades as it desires, a Jubiliee Parade, or a 40th anniversary Falklands war parade as two examples for this year. Last year they may have chosen to do a 100th anniversary of the RBL Parade. (other examples can include VE Day, D-Day, VJ Day, Anzac, Armed Forces Day)

These are RBL events, in much the same way a Wing may have held 80th anniversary of the ATC parades last year, the ATC event is for the ATC, the RBL event for the RBL thus need no input, authority or approval from the CA in the same way - it is however polite to keep them informed at the very least, and 99% of the time invite them to be involved as a local dignitary and in the case of Commemoration events invite them to lead the wreath laying as the VIP.

Based on what I have seen that is the correct method the PME process expects event if the RAFAC policy/process disagrees

For us the PME for Remembrance Day used to be done by WHQ as the local force didn’t want 30 separate applications.

My apologies, that was what I meant in this case i.e. Most ‘Legion’ Remembrance parades.