New Parade Shoes

I just bought my parade shoes, I haven’t worn them yet but just from wearing them around the house (not more than an hour) they’re already starting to crease on/near the toecap - about where the stitching would be if they were male shoes. Also, when I walk my heels lift out the slightest so I’m not sure if that means they’re too big?
Is this normal? Is there any way I can prevent/decrease the amount of creasing? Could the creasing be because they might be a tad too big; and if so should I go a size smaller? (they’ll be a bit tight that way; still wearable but not 100% idyllic)

Wearing them to get the natural creases in the right place is the correct first step. Having creases in the natural places is perfectly fine and acceptable. The only way to get rid of the creases involves fire and beeswax. I would strongly advise that you dont go down this route as on fairly confident your shoe will fall apart

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Thank you!

Where is the “standard” toe cap stitching? That look like a plain shoe.

Female shoe? Or as close as the cadet can obtain

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Very true of course.

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Never seen female shoes that shape! Although had my daughter been a cadet she would have needed a size 7 as a teenager! :rofl:

Might not be the issue shoe but one as close as the cadet can source/afford

The polish on my shoes keeps flaking off and that is usually ok the crease and the other areas where a crease would be. However recently polish just keeps flaking off which is making the polish uneven. What should i do?

what polish and method are you using?

I use kiwi polish and I apply a layer and then let it dry and then apply another layer and I do that a few times and then bull it

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how do you apply the layer?

why let it dry?

and what you you mean by “then bull it”??

I apply it with a damp cotton cloth. So I apply a thin layer and let it dry for 5-10 minutes and then repeat as many times I think I need too. Then I bull the last layer. So I dip the cloth in water use a little bit of polish and then rub in small circles until it shines

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other than the drying stage i can’t fault the method.

typically i offer the shoe 5-6 very thin layers applied in small circles using damp cotton wool balls.

Perhaps the drying stage is the error…the polish is not being worked into the leather enough and so cracks when disturbed simply because its sitting on the shoe?

How should I repair the areas where the polish has came off? And thank youu

Keep polishing itll even and out and fill the area eventually.

Ignore the people that suggest fire

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Use fire!!!


I’d say it’s this “apply a layer and let it dry” lark which is causing your problem.

There’s no point in polishing until it evens out because it’ll just keep flaking; you need to fix the problem first.

Take some fine wire wool and lightly go through the small circles motions with it. This will take off and smooth out the flaky polish.

Then re bull.

When you need to “layer up” in the early stages of a new pair you just need to brush polish a few layers before bulling…

Bull with cold, wet and clean cotton wool. Keep it cold and wet and switch out for clean cotton wool regularly. Personally I run the shoe under the tap, but I pay my own bills, so…

Then begin lightly reapplying thin layers of polish with cold/wet cw. If you get a couple of flakes change cw.

It will stop flaking and will even out.