New Officer Promotion Criteria

See Bader. New tick box exercise similar to the NCO version has appeared. Looks like being an OC is no longer enough to warrant getting Flt Lt…

Where abouts is I located on bader??

I this is a measured step when you combine it against all the improvements that have been made to the organisation and the increase in ancillary benefits there is to being a member of staff.

Oh, wait.

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About time - this has been stuck in the pipeline for years.
It probably needs to get stuck back in there for review before implementation - I am not sure it will work as it stands in the real world.

Interesting to see we now all have to attend the Risk Assessors course for promotion!

Will this also filter through to the CCF?

Oddly though, no requirement to have attended an AEF/VGS.

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I wonder what we have more of though… Officers for promotion or AEF/VGS allocations…

I don’t see an issue with it, yes I’m an WO before anyone says anything however I ticked the boxes and 8 years later… you guessed it I’m a squadron commander!

Where is this found? It’s not in the announcements and not in Pers 204?

So as I suspected, I peaked on the day I commissioned…:sunglasses:

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Soooo, where is it on SharePoint?

Ooooh!!! A new form!!! Nothing like reducing the admin burden - and this is nothing like reducing the admin burden!


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Well there is nothing like a policy announcement and this Is nothing like a policy announcement!


Apparently all I need to do is the Risk Assessors’ course and I’m eligible for a promotion?!

Also, this really bugs me:

Why is it that SNCO promotions require blue camps at each level, whereas our criteria allows us to count non-blue camps or over 5 days duration. How is that fair?

It does, its 1 x Blue camp to Fg Off. Then 2 x camps of 5 days duration inc 1 x Blue Camp since promotion to Fg off.

Has anyone got a link? I may be being thick but I can’t find this on SP, the only 2-09 I can find is something to do with Region staff officer appointment.

Is it protectively marked? Any chance of a share for those of us not on Bader?

Another pointless piece of admin, just like the SNCO matrix.

I think that if and only if there was an appreciable financial and conditions benefit to promotion in the ATC for volunteers then a box ticking exercise like this has any value.

I know an adult Sgt overdue by 2 years for promotion who is irritating his OC as he won’t complete the matrix, he is lauded for all that he does and says if that’s not good enough they can poke it. For the other crap he will be expected to do he says for a few extra quid for a day and bigger rank slide ain’t worth the hassle.

Within the Officer ranks, there are too many who revel in their rank and love to play “do you know who I am”, very many answers to that, so I imagine there will be many looking to tick boxes to get a bigger/additional shiny ring.

One assumes that this exists in the regulars and the lack of imagination emanating from the ivory towers has resulted in an almost direct transfer of the idea.

It must be with some irony (if they understand the term) this is published at a time when the ACMB are trying to “Value our Volunteers” and have a survey looking into the admin burden in the Corps. You could not make it up. I keep expecting the ATC to turn into a Ronnie Barker classic skit, with the official behind a desk trying to explain why things happen.

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