New OC and bottled final parade... lol

Got a new OIC recently, first time weve had an officer be part of the squadron and frequently attending since 2020. did final parade and it was all good until i went to dismiss. i call the command (it begins to go off here) “Parade, officer on parade, Dismissed”… that introductory “parade” was weird and and it gave me a bit of a wobble, so naturally instead of turning and dismissing properly i just stare at him and salute, then turn… Not a good start haha but we move

Would it not just be Squadron, Officer on Parade, Dismiss?

Edited to add - my understanding is it only becomes a parade if a formal inspecting officer is on the parade - ie when you so Squadron drill, the OC Squadron takes over and Proves the Squadron, with Squadron, Shun, Squadron, Stand at Ease, Squadron Shun, Stand at Ease. Only when the inspecting officer approaches the OC Squadron (ie comes onto the parade) Does it then become Parade Shun.

I will caveat that with I am an officer, not a DI.

I wouldn’t worry about it. Do it right next time and you’ll have demonstrated the initiative to learn from mistakes and correct them without being prompted.

Edit: I think it becomes a parade when the troops on parade are not from a single flight, Sqn, wing, etc, but I’m not a DI either.

i’ll have a look through ap818 to see what i can find, i was told at one point that on final parade it was either parade or squadron to be used and have followed that.

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We usually go without an introductory. Sounds more natural and flows better I find (though whether it is right or not is beyond me)

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My understanding was it becomes a parade once an officer is present, but willing to be corrected.

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i agree it sounds a little weird with the intoductory, usually i would go without it but on this ocassion i said it and it threw me off because it was a little weird sounding.

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My experience from both the ATC and ACF seem to agree. Though, as we all know the ACF likes to do a lot of things differently.

I have always used Parade when ever there is an officer present, unless in certain circumstances such as addressing a specific group or having an entire Squadron down. (A/B Flight, xxx Sqn, Banner Party, Junior Flight etc). Again that might just be a “cadetism”.