New MOI Course

What do people think about the new ACTO 22? Introduces a Presentational Skills course to be delivered on Sqn as a pre-requisite to MOI.

I assume this applies to CCF as well because it refers to RAFAC but only uses ATC terminology.

The MOI eligibility is now:
3.Cadets should have completed and passed the Presentation Skills (PS) course with desirably a high score, along with a recommendation by OC Sqn.

  1. There is no minimum age or rank required before undertaking this course, but it is recommended that the cadet is at least a First Class Cadet, able to complete the course and will be of use as an instructor.

  2. Any CFAV is eligible for the course, with the authority of their OC Wg. CFAVs should ideally complete this course in their first year of service.

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Everyone new needs to do it, but has to get permission? Or should it be that anyone can deliver it with authorisation?

Another well written piece of regulation.

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This slightly worried me as well end up with First Class Cadets running around with yellow lanyards despite the fact they can functionally teach next to nothing. I think it should be MAC before MOI or at least Senior.

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I haven’t read the ACP yet but I’m still under the impression you wont get the lanyard until you complete the MAC and MOI which is post Pres Skills (That again is rumoured to be subject to change)

I might be wrong though

i read that as
Any CFAV is eligible for the course, with the authority of their OC Wg. - you can attend the course (as a student) if OC Wg approves
CFAVs should ideally complete this course in their first year of service - CFAVs should aim to complete the course [providing they have OC Wg’s approval] within their first year of service

I’ve just read it…it appears first class can get lanyard now #BringBackStaffPart2


Additionally, there is no new courses or training material on Ultifail.

I read that myself, im hoping it is a typo or an oversight of some description?

Nope I checked with someone who queried it with HQAC its possible

I spent ages last night trying to find it before realising how foolish I was to think the RAFAC would release everything at the same time


Cotnra-diction in terms.

i don’t think it is…

anyone can attend it but make sure there is approval from OC Wg first

No problem with moving the qualification away from the classification system - there’s plenty of stuff to teach besides the classification syllabus, and given that you can be a cpl or even sgt long before completing master cadet it makes a lot of sense to me.

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Exactly it’s well over due, everyone knows that Cpls and Sgts teach so actually allowing them to is something we’ve always missed.


What bring back something that wasn’t broken ie Staff P2? Never happen. Imagine Staff Cadets who have a clue about the organisation and it’s workings and having to show it, and having to do presentation as well. IMO it set me up for being adult staff.

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I agree. I’d welcome an equivalent coming in for FSs - requirement for, but not guarantee of, CWO.

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Is this course over another weekend or over an evening or multiples thereof?

Would appear to be an on-squadron thing - and really the sort of thing most units would be doing anyway, just formalised.

The MOI course proper appears to be the same, just without the master cadet pre-requisite.

We need to keep sight of the fact that this is an after school club for the youngsters who join, not a job, so suggesting loading more things into the system just because a cadet gets promoted beyond Sgt is losing sight of this. Keeping older cadets is a struggle at the best of times, so potentially saying you need to do more at a period of their lives when they are looking at work or uni as their next step in life, is hardly a selling point to stay in.
Not sure if you remember (don’t know your cadet background) but we only ever used to have Staff 2 which effectively marked the transition away from a purely cadet life regardless of rank and this worked, we didn’t have and didn’t need extra things beforehand.
The problem with cadets (and staff) is if you tell them you have to do x and y to do z they just do it even if in reality it’s not really required, which relates to a majority of what they are told.

I aced my Staff P2. Still got the book somewhere…

But… Master at 15, maybe you get FS at 16, you do this Presentation Skills malarkey and then get your MOI…

Then what? What does that cadet want to do? What can they do? If they stick around past 18, maybe go for CWO, what does that role entail? They sign a form to say they’re happy taking responsibility as a defacto staff member and we use them as such - yet they have no set mechanism for learning or knowing where to find the relevant regulations and documents.

What do we want from an O18/CWO? Someone who knows regulations or at least the correct documents would be a great help and to a degree already occurs for those we’re trying to keep within the fold and maybe hold onto post-20 if they are sticking around.

There was nothing greatly strenuous within Pt2 and its a formalised knowledge base that has essentially been lost. What would it be? Probably just one additional short course on Ultilearn with an exam.

But thanks for the proof of your contrarianism:

Well, I imagined it and suddenly you’re shooting the idea down.

Not strictly true: 1st Class, Leading, Senior, Staff Pt1, Staff Pt2, BASIC+MOI .
So… how about: 1st Class, Leading, Senior, Master, Staff Pt2-ish, AVIP? (PS+MOI in the mixer somewhere).

So it’s not that extra, really (and there’s potentially an additional 12 months to complete everything). PS is technically extra, but as mentioned this is something that many units run anyway.

Of course, fairly moot if the 18yos are slashed. If that happens, stick in the AVIP course.