New laptop help

I’ve realised that I’m going to need to give my work laptop back when I leave in just over a month so looking for suggestions on a replacement.
Mostly it’s going to be used for emails, drafting and reviewing documents, and maybe watching some downloaded stuff on the train. I’d like to have the option to do some light gaming/flight sim but don’t need a gaming laptop per se.
Needs to be Windows as I’m too stuck in my ways to consider becoming an iFanboy.
Needs a decent battery life as there’s no guarantee of plug sockets.
Also a decent sized touchscreen that is big enough to do split screen on documents and still be workable on.

If you’re a windows person then I always recommend Dell refurbished or outlet stock. 16 Gb RAM, SSD and see if there is something with mobile graphics instead of onboard.

If you’re a mac person then I would go M1 Pro instead of M2 air at the moment.


If you want Windows & a touch screen and you can afford it, look at Microsoft’s surface range or the Lenovo X1 Carbon (neither cheap!)

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I got the HP Envy 17" about a year ago. Great spec for the price!

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Have a look at I got my current laptop from them and was very happy. Dell Refurbished so cheaper :slight_smile:

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If you have a decent budget, then I recommend you go for the Galaxybook.

Thanks everyone. A few things to look into there

Costco member? They have deals all the time