New Kit programming help please!

Be gentle total noob here just trying to gte the new kit setup correctly!

Ok so after much research on the forums and advice we contact Martin Lnych and got a whole setup all widebanded etc.

Base station is a Yaesu 7900 and handhelds are Wouxun KG-UV6D.

When trying to program in the ACO frequencies it deletes half of them when trying to program to the handheld - even in the save file too. It also adjusts the frequencies - is this because the frequencies for each channel are too close together or is it something to do with the offsets?

Can I assume the aco frequencies listed are the receiving frequencies and we then offset the transmitting frequency or vice versa? And if so by how much for 2m and 70m? Do we use the decoding and encoding options?

As for power options there is only low or high - I assume that at 25w that would be low?

Finally are there any free to use frequencies without licence on the amateur band that we can use on a local basis without interfering with the MOD assigned channels? (found a few but would like to see if anyone else knows of more)

Thanks for any help and advice!!

Except for the project channels, all the U and V channels are simplex so the same frequency is used for Tx and Rx

Details of the operating powers are on the frequency list and you’ll need to see how those fit in, but the maw permitted power is 25W and the tech spec for that handheld I can find seems to say it will Tx at 4W on UHF and 5W on VHF

thanks Incubus. I had hoped that was the case so I can therefore set the offset as 0 which is easy enough.

Any reason why the programming software changes the frequency I paste in from the official list to a different one? And why half the channels i.e. Victor 1 and 2 get deleted from the list when saving the file and/or programming the radios? Have got the first one programmed finally, but with offset as factory set so that needs changing!

And yes that is correct for the transmitting power so since they are both under the maw rating I assume we can leave them on the high setting then.

have sorted the handheld issues - apparently a bug with the software causes problems if you create a file with an older version. so far its all holding well - now to tackle the head unit.

Dose anybody have a Chirps file that they can send to me with the ACO Radio Frequency’s on it, I have a copy the frequency’s allocation (Supplement 6 to ACP44) for Uniform and Victor Bands, but unsure how to program them in to my Baofeng UV-B5 using Chirps.