New JPA P60 form - Employer PAYE reference

Doing my first tax return since the switch to JPA. I have the form JPA2 (‘P60(Substitute)’) but it does not give the Employer PAYE reference - instead it gives a * and a footnote *As recorded in JPA. I can’t find that anywhere in the pay app on Defence Gateway.
Anyone know what it should be? Is it still the old HQ Air Cadets one 948/153A?

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Does it not show up in your HMRC portal?

If I go to this link: it shows my PAYE references per employment. Is that what you’re looking for?

Yes it does, thank you - I didn’t know that page existed!

It’s listed under MOD JPAC ARMED FORCES PAYROLL and is indeed new.

But we are still not employees, of course…

It is an odd system! I have something similar with another voluntary role. I get an ‘allowance’ (About £175 a year!!) but it’s paid via PAYE and is taxed at the basic rate. But not classed as employment. No annual leave etc built into it! So it’s not just the MOD doing it.

Tax law and employment law use different definitions of employee. Plus HMRC only care about income, not so much the source.

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