New JL Badge

This has been doing the rounds in my region, apparently it’s going to replace the JL Lanyard?

Anyone else come across it?

No way, a commando dagger? Someone’s having you on surely.


I think someone is winding you up.


Has the swan also escaped?

Last WWO conference it was stated there would not be any more badges

In 2014 it was a pause

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Anyway, even if there were to be a new badge i can’t see it being that.

Don’t think the icon would pass scrutiny from regs and would be seen as “too violent” by our own powers.

A 7 year pause? Probably about time to start adding badges again.

But you’re only allowed half a badge per cadet per year.

Yeh, apparently it’s true. Here are the others for the rest of the new PTS.

Even IF Junior Leaders was getting a dagger badge, wth would blue be? Is the suggestion that these are FT badges?

No. A dagger surely won’t happen. I see no value in blue background FT badges that would go on blue uniform.

This is getting less and less believable.

Oh wow, I was hoping it was just a vicious rumour :man_facepalming:t2:

Out of interest, are you C&E too?

Did whoever told you robogen it?

Huh? I don’t get it.

Yeh. Apparently our RFCO leads it.

It’s a type of bet that what you’re saying is true. Considered worse than eyebrows gen.

So if this is allegedly replacing the lanyard does that mean it’s going to be worn on blue uniform? Where? No space on the brassard. We’re surely not going to put it on the jumper arm like the commando dagger? On the shoulder patch of the jumper where we used to have DofE?
If badges are introduced for Fieldcraft then surely they would be on the greens uniform. Again I can’t see us getting a dagger on the arm past dress regs, commandos would not be happy.

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This is the key bit…the message to Joe public it gives is questionable… Marines are simply trained to kill people… The cadets aren’t.

Im all for a left blanking patch badge for field craft PTS. It’s part of the core syllabus but it needs to be done properly. Just… Its time to leave the brassard alone though there’s too much going on


Ol’ Doris from the bingo will have a mental picture of 14 year olds chanting “what makes the grass grow”!

They surely, surely cannot be serious with a dagger?

This has got to be false info and a wind up.

A more suitable image would simply be a hand shape - for hand signals…

Or, a rifle outline or frankly anything.

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It is both of those I think.

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