New Hills Mk 5 air rifle pump

A shout out for the excellent customer service from Ernest Hill Ltd. :+1:

After 10 yrs of very solid service (albeit with the Covid break of course!), our Hills air rifle pump gave up the ghost - the central charging tube that screwed directly into the base of the pump sheared - no repair possible. Rather annoying at the start of a shooting evening with all kit out - working up to take part in the Corps Air Rifle Postal Competition - replan, new RSD & AO, etc, go! :woozy_face:

Anyway, I wanted to get a replacement Hills pump with dry air fitting - the BSA option as per the cadet unit price list looked to be slightly inferior (£129.44).

The very nice lady at Hills immediately offered me a “cadet price” of £142.05 (instead of £191.47) , I didn’t even ask for discount, & as I bought one there & then (hadn’t found anyone else with a such a keen price - & free delivery), the pump arrived today. :upside_down_face: