New Furniture

I am have recently become OC of my Squadron and I am looking at improving my spooner hut with some new furniture, as much of what we have is from the 70’s :frowning:

Some Squadrons near me have acquired some chairs with desks attached to them, like the one in the picture, and I was wondering if anyone had these on their Squadron too? If they do, do they have the 14 digit NSN (stock) number so I can put in an order for some from my parent station?

I understand we are not scaled for items of furniture as frivolous as this :stuck_out_tongue: , so what luck have other units had about getting new items of kit?


When we moved out of our spooner hut we had everything written off our inventory.

When we moved into our new build, we contacted a community furniture charity and they outfitted the whole unit for us. Chairs, tables, desks, filing cabinets, the works!

Interestingly, they had some lecture chairs similar to that, but we declined them as they needed to be shared with the Army cadets… read into that what you will!! :wink:

Thanks for that. Do you have the name of the company that gave you the furniture? I have seen one in Sheffield, but it is a little far to travel for us!

A local 6th form College closed opposite us last year and they provided us with some new tables and some desks, and I got a grant from the council for some new cupboards so i’m getting there.

What bothers me though is my parent station will offer very little support whatsoever. They will take things away and are generally polite but have stated that they have ‘no budget for ATC units’. :frowning: I was at ATF on the Squadron Commanders Course last week and LOGS were shocked that the station will not support us.

I was going to try again however, because HAQC had promised to talk to the warden at my parent station, hoping they would provide me with some new chairs!

Have you tried pushing it up through your Wing HQ?

The basics should be dealt with by Barrack Stores through your parent unit. Although like BF, you could possible get better quality elsewhere.