New Furniture Order


HNY all.

I have recently been given a form from my HQ so I can order some new furniture for the squadron. The form asks for codes.

Unfortunately the only catalogue is at my parent station and it takes me over 2 hours to get there, so I don’t wish to go just to look at a catalogue.

Has anyone put in a recent order and has the codes and names of the furniture for what they ordered…maybe even with pictures!!!



What I have been doing is looking for office clearance furniture on Facebook etc and explaining it is for a youth club. On Thursday I’m going to collect 20 chairs, about about 10 tables and then 2 desks. All for nothing as people want it gone. Just a thought if it’s a struggle.

If not phone the military operator and get the civvie number for Barrack Stores. They can then give you the codes and possibly and email address to get it sorted.


@oc153 The advantage of this is that it’s not on an RAF inventory, which is a huge bonus.

@WiskeyM Many businesses like above will just scrap furniture, all you need is to be in the right place and have a lorry to collect it. Failing that see if you have a Freecycle operating locally as they may have things or contacts. When our company was having a clear out I picked up desks, metal cupboards and a couple of office chars. I saw a squadron get furniture from stores and it wasn’t new.


Surely that catalogue is in an electronic format somewhere?


They used to issue us with a scale of available equipment (tables, chairs, office desks, hand compassess, etc) - AP Whatever the hell it was - which included the stock numbers (most of which would likely be out of date now anyway).
I haven’t seen one in years, though as you say, it must exist somewhere.

Though, the easiest option is likely to be a phone call to the relevant person at barrack stores.
Explain what you need and they can look it up.

I’ve never been one to worry about the “difficulties” of having furniture on the inventory.
As a senior cadet I can recall clean up weekends and being told “We can’t get rid of that, or that, or that… They’re on the inventory”.
In actual fact, when I became staff and took over the inventory I discovered that there was very little on it at all.

Getting rid of stuff was easy too.
A quick call to stores to say “Hi. I’ve got about 60 crappy, rusty, horrible old chairs on my inventory, as well as a broken dustbin and a fire extinguisher which was condemned and removed 5 years ago… Can we write them off please?”
“Tap, tap, tap… They’re gone”
“Do you want them back? Because you’ll need to send a van/truck…”
“Feel free to dispose of them locally”


AP1919 chapter 3

or so it would seem when looking at ACP 21

g. Furniture. See AP 1919, Chapter 13.

taken from ACP21 Paragraph 6(g) - Sharepoint link

Of course looking for such a document ends up fruitless

however this seems positive - Ask @incubus


We also sourced most of our stuff from private sources when we moved into a new HQ. Schools, colleges, church and village halls, furniture recycling places - all supplied for the cost of some time moving it all ourselves.


Lucky you! My parent station won’t give me any furniture, new or otherwise.
If it’s the standard form, the codes needed are called NSNs. If your existing furniture is from the MoD, it may have NSN numbers already on them which you can use.

I’d first ask if they’d be able to send you a copy of the catalogue. Failing that, ask what the catalogue is called, there is probably an online version somewhere. You will be able to pick exactly what you want then.

Otherwise, i’d write in what you need on the form (with a good description) and leave the numbers blank. I’m sure your parent station will have the right reference number somewhere.

Here a a few NSNs - i’m not sure how in date they are:
7110 99 6143024 - Chair, Student (grey plastic chairs with attachable small desks).
7110 99 9910320 - Table (folding table).
7110 99 3680597 - Pedestal, Personal (small under desk drawer unit).
7110 99 1398644 - Chairlinkage (standard grey MoD plastic chair).
7125 99 1205660 - Cabinet, storage (large metal stationary storage style cabinet with shelves).

These numbers were taken from my inventory before my parent station took off the furniture from it. The student chairs and under desk drawers were quite new, but the rest were at least 20-30 years old.


For those needing better furniture with a cash strapped parent station, try this charity.
They are really helpful - based in Bristol but do office clearances nationwide. They would be more than happy to help.


Have you tried your WEXO… we’ve moved to a Wing Inventory, all Sqn inventory’s have been transferred and closed so no more faff when we loose an OC