New Features

Hello dear users,

you may have already noticed a new icon up on the top right!

The loud hailer icon brings ‘Live Chat’ to ACC. Users online at the same time can chat in real time.

The second update is we now have spoiler hiding. If you’re posting about things that others may not want to see yet - the latest firing from The Apprentice, you can hide that info from everyone but give them the choice to see it! Other users have to click the fuzzy text to see it.

All you do is put that info in [spoiler] hidden text [/spoiler ] (without the spaces)

like this:

[spoiler]This is some text that not everyone might want to read![/spoiler]

Have a play with the updates and see what you think!




[spoiler]I wrote this but now I can’t read it :([/spoiler]


Click on the blurry bit :wink:

Oh, I forgot to mention:

Tags are now available. You can add tags to posts and wiki articles so you can see threads of similar subjects.

When adding a tag, if it doesn’t exist just type in a new one and it will be added to the available ones!