New Drill Sequence 2016

Hello all!

What is everyones thoughts on the new drill sequence for this year?

A lot of changes and new maneuvers that haven’t been seen before in the sequence and most of the new ones will most probably be new to most cadets and staff also.

IMHO It is a classic example of meddling with something that doesn’t need to be meddled with by those trying to justify their existence…there is talk that the sequence will change every year as well.

More than talk - that is the plan and things are in place to make it happen.

So you believe we should use the exact same sequence every single year at the corps competition (which effectively means the same for region and wing competitions too)?

Completely agree! It will take a lot of reading through the AP to understand all of the new maneuvers fully!

Do you know if there is anything being released to cover the changes or will it just be a whole lot of reading the AP? :slight_smile:

  1. Read AP818 and the “FAQ” document on sharepoint.
  2. Speak with your WWO, Sector WOs or DIs.

I’m not sure what else could be released to support this that isn’t explained in AP818. There certainly isn’t scope to produce a DVD of the sequence in advance every year and that was always flawed as you just get one team’s interpretation of the sequence as there will always be some sort of variation.

There are 7 or 8 movements that are new in the sequence (move 56 was introduced late last year in the 2015 corps sequence and may or may not have been used at regional competitions.)

Of these, only move 40 is substantial. The others are 3 changes in stride, 1 change in cadence, one move done in slow time rather than quick time, a “stand easy” and a “officer on parade, dismiss”. I don’t expect the last 2 will be a shock to any squadron.

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“manoeuvre” please. …

Our WWO is having a training day for adult SNCO’s and any cadet NCO who wants to attend so that they can prepare the teams properly. He has also decreed that teams at the Wing Competition will have to wear slacks as they have to at region. (My female cadets are not amused).

It’s only a drill competition and given that teams change all the time not a very likely scenario.

I tend to agree that it’s people meddling for the sake of it to justify their existence. Seems to be a problem among a number of SNCOs who can’t see beyond the end of their pace stick.

It is likely enough, with some people participating in 4 or 5 years of a competition (or more), using the same sequence at units, wings, regions and at Corps level.

Changing the sequence keeps it fresh, keeps it interesting and keeps it challenging. Those who have competed for multiple years will be at less of an advantage than those new to a team this season which gives more hope to the fresh teams and reinvigorates the cadets and the staff. Personally I am looking forward to it.

You wouldn’t expect everybody to build the same 1/72 model of a Typhoon every year for an aeromodelling competition, would you?

I disagree with that. My squadron has been whining that the sequence has been stagnant for some time now - that old sequence was in use for over 10 years and was quite boring for those of us dealing with it year on year.

It was time for a new sequence, full stop.

Even if this was a new sequence every 5 years or so that would have been enough, but I like the idea of having a new sequence annually so long as it comes out at the start of the year and that everybody has the chance to start working on it in plenty time.

What is 40? Never heard of it.

(You can tell I have a commission)

Ok, just read the good book. That’s interesting. That whole last part of the sequence is going to take a fair bit of parade room, we may struggle.

I note that have kept the stupidity of having the end of the routine include an officer on parade dismiss. This doesn’t really work as after the four paces, they are essentially dismissed, but are still standing in the middle of the parade square…?

There must be some people at your sqn with little to worry about then. I’ve never heard anyone say we need a new one. As said when all said and done it’s a drill sequence not life or death. As a former WO I accept that its nice to have a drill comp, but it’s not important in the grand scheme and the sequence is by and large of no consequence. We’ve never had a dominant sqn ie won it more than 2 years on the bounce in the Wing. The irony is that most squadrons don’t have a large enough area at their squadron to do any significant drill. We’ve got a postage stamp at the sqn and the main hall which is OK for drill tests. There is car park about a ½ a mile away, but unless you do something on a Sunday morning there’s not enough room to do anything like drill.

Seems a good idea to me. Keeps it fresh and varied and keeps the DI’s on their toes. What’s not to like. Who is responsible for changing and can we get involved. I am new to the organisation and not sure of the rules yet :grinning:

Yes, I wish they’d dropped it but the guy who wrote it seems ti think it is a good idea. At least he has provided some guidance on it.

I’m just as annoyed that they’ve kept the forming of a squad in the sequence as this has no book-defined correct way of being achieved and is the source of many elaborate and convoluted solutions that can be difficult to mark fairly.

That is not how the dismiss works. They don’t march for 4 paces then halt (as I’ve seen numerous times); they march 4 paces then “break step” and head off to where they need to be. In the case of the competition the ACTO asks that they march to the edge of the competition area (instead of 4 paces), then break step and wait quietly for further instructions.

I gues in competition it allows squads to practice and be marked on each movement so why not check and mark the officer on parade dismiss. Just a thought but can’t really see the issue with that or the form.

In competitions it is nice to march the squad on, do their thing, then march them off to rapturous applause.

If we dismiss at the end we may be able to mark it but we end up with a rabble of cadets at the side and it doesn’t have the same impact from a spectator’s perspective. So long as they know where to go afterwards (which was not quite the case at the nationals last year) it should work OK though.

Yea that’s a good point but I’ve been told that there are not many spectators at the nationals. Do you know who wrote the sequence and if they are open to suggestions. As an ex DI I can offer some input.

There aren’t that many (mostly cadets and staff who are already there, plus a few parents from the neighbourhood, plus a couple of VIPs). It isn’t really a public event though.

I do know who wrote the sequences (the Corps Drill & Ceremonial WO) and while he is generally open to suggestions I’m told that the 5 sequences we will now use are already written and I suspect you’ve missed your window.

Ahh ok, is he a regular or volunteer. What’s his name