New cadet rifle…

……in 2035? :laughing:

The British Army will commence the replacement of 156,000 SA80 rifles via Project Grayburn from FY 2024/ 25, with contract award in FY 2027/ 28, entry into service FY 2029/ 30 and IOC in 2030/ 31.


Grayburn will be a family of weapons based on a common lower receiver
3 to 4 different variants expected to be acquired (dismounted infantry / mounted infantry rifle, other arms rifle, PDW)

That’ll confuse the SAAIs! :smiling_imp:

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Funnily enough I heard the L144 has been extended to 2035 the other day so you might not be far off.

There is now an officially converted L85 that is chambered for .22 as well, designed for the biathlon team that has an L number and I’ve been trying to get details on.


I was hoping that the L144 would be scrapped before I got to shoot it, d@mn!

There is now an officially converted L85 that is chambered for .22 as well…

Now, that might be half-sensible to have - but only if the L85 is going to be retained long-term. Found this:

“The L402A1 (SA80 0.22 in.) offers an enhanced capability, conforming to the rules of the Army Winter Sports Association (AWSA) Military Patrol Race (MPR) competition. The Anschutz biathlon rifle is not robust enough to be used on the Patrol Race. The rifle replaces the Heckler & Koch (H&K) 0.22 conversion kit.”

Previous mention about things to come here.

There is. But the fielding plan seems to be extremely limited. Which is a shame.

At the rate things are going where I am, that will be our L144 issue date.

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My best bet will be that we wont see the new weapons system as cadet forces.

We might however get a few more of the sa80s transitioned over for us… possibly all the A3s?

Who knows.
But better numbers of weapons and access would be a good start.

#bring back the L103A2!

Bring back the L98A1

Section 1 firearms for the cadets!

I note the source article only mentions the British Army is getting a new weapon. We already know the Royal Marines are going their own way with Diemaco C7s or C8s. What are the odds of the RAF doing it’s own thing, possibly retaining the L85A3 because replacing it is a lower priority than for the Army?

My bet too - or at least not for a considerable timescale.

Heresy!! Burn him… :wink:

If only - would make local trg (if local access of course) so much easier. Trying to get resources all lined up for a residential weekend for L98 trg has been impossible.


I used to love playing with these as a cadet, as well as watching cadets in the lane next to me accidentally punch themselves in the face when cocking it.


Let’s move forwards, not backwards.

Give ‘em a red dot sight to play with. :smiling_imp:

Can we all get one…

Expected to be used for CT ops.

Cadet Trg? :wink:

Counter Terrorism

I was being sarcastic… :wink:

I wasn’t planning on being a CFAV for that long. :smile:

Many weren’t planning on being a CFAV for this long!