NEW Cadet Blue/ Bronze Badges.. issue?


Over 8 months since I ran my second Comms course. The 1st course received their badges within a couple of months & their Certs :wink: 2nd have their certs [which they can’t wear: Badges are GOOD] Now I have run an Leadership, Blue badge course for 5 cadets. What’s the chances they will get a badge? I even when to Cadet …R.Off. Don’t have them. [I even wrote a theory test for them] [ It’s a good one if ACO want a copy] Seems “they” haven’t produced one yet?? Thoughts??


Got my first one within a few weeks, so they certainly exist


The whole thing depends on your Wing. We hear, and see, that some Wings have received supplies of badges, whilst others are saying they have received none at all…


It seems the badges held by my wing have been distributed, but they’ve not been replaced by new stock from HQAC.

Apparently, the duty rumour at our HQ is that there are boxes of them somewhere, but with no one to send them out…


If only we had some sort of full time staff member at a Wing level who went to Cranwell on a regular basis for meetings etc! That person could pick them up!
If only such a person for each Wing existed!!!


I’d heard a rumour that some local CFAV had volunteered for the job, but we’re coopted onto another project - hence the drying up of demand.

To be honest, I’d happily spend a weekend order picking, as long as my cadets were put at the top of the list!