New boots


I’ve bought some combat boots (grafters). They have a shiny toecap but the rest is textured. Are they acceptable?


Have you got a photo?



real truth?

can you send them back?


They’re not combat boots, they’re god knows what but they don’t conform to 1358c. If you can send them back then do. It’s very misleading that they have ATC in the title, if I were you I’d be sending an angry email.


As above - they’re an Ammo Boot knock-off, not suitable for RAFAC uniform.


What shoes would you recommend? Are there any websites that I should look at?


For which uniform?




What is your price range?




As low as possible to be honest, I can’t really afford expensive boots


Black boots I could wear with either


Fair enough.

For brown, my advice would always be a second-hand pair of Altbergs, which can generally be had for £30-50 depending on condition (and should be worth a good proportion of that when you want to get rid of them). For black, I’d still try the same, however black Altbergs are rather harder to find.


I bought both my son’s and daughters Altbergs from this guy and they were both excellent G1 quality. Daughter has had hers for about 3 years now and still more than serviceable having done a number of green camps, RIAT and Cyprus in that time.

Cheaper and much better than the nearest surplus store to me


Possibly go to a military surplus shop, should be able to get some good ones there