New AP's

Has anyone got the new AP’s for drill and uniform?

Both are available on sharepoint. Do you have access?


Well you don’t need the documents then…

If you’re a cadet I’d suggest asking a staff member to download them for you!

Or if you’re really desperate:

Google works wonders.

i need to have a look at them before tonight.

Surely if you have been “ordered” to view them, then you should have been given the means to view them?

By now, your staff should have informed you of the changes to AP818 and 1358C.
If not, I would be sking them about the changes.
If you are an NCO, then ask the staff for a copy, so that you can then teach the cadets the changes that they need to know.
If you’re staff, then you should be asking for sharepoint access through the Squadron general account, or logging into Ultilearn (Cringe) with the detaisl you should have been supplied with.

Bit of a ramble, I guess I could’ve shortened it by just saying
Ask your Squadron Adjutant or CO for the documents. :wink: