New AP830


Very geeky question and probably a long shot…

Does anyone have a copy of the new AP830 to order uniform as an excel document?

I’ve been making a lookup document so in the cadets approximate sizes and it will tell me the closest sized uniform to order, but now that all the stock numbers have changed, the document will not work!

Admittedly I could just manually change all the stock numbers but that would take some time. Our parent station is unwilling to provide an electronic copy as the only one they will provide is a scan of a print out…

Any thoughts or suggestions?


If you manage to get this to work please share?


It’s a work in progress, but the aim is to upload for other squadrons to use.

It’s not the most elegant system! But it is better than working it out by hand.

Just need to sort the stock numbers now!


doesn’t SMS do this for us?


It does something, but I for one never use it. I also don’t know if their NSNs are accurate.


Why not use it.
You input the measurements and it spits out all the NSN’s that the particular cadet needs.
Then you can export as a report.

The accuracy of the NSN’s . . . well that’s a different matter.


My parent station has their own system so there is no real benefit from doing so.


Well yeah, still have to take the data from the report and put it onto a Proforma A fr the parent station


I’ve never bothered with that part of SMS either.

It’s just extra work. I can recall the sizes from memory quick enough whilst putting together the proforma. Entering it all on SMS brings no real benefit to me.