New Ambassador

Great to see that we have a new ambassador. Carol has been quiet of late and it’s good to have someone with actual military experience and who is a former cadet.

One thing I don’t get - why is the ambassador been appointed as an Honorary Wing Commander and not Group Captain?

They probably still have a few things to tick on their promotion matrix.


She’s an ex-regular Sqn Ldr so a single promotion on her retired rank makes sense.

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Ah yes, rather than the civilian who is promoted one rank above…

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But CV is well known both in industry and asking people on the street, this new ambassador wouldn’t be.

It gives us 2 levels, one for the doorman and with the red carpet too

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You can follow her in Instagram if you’re desperate! :wink:

She may not have military experience but she does have flying experience and I think she was definitely a positive role model for the cadets.

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She was also a big deal in the Bomber Command Memorial

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Also means they can promote her again to Gp Capt and generate a 2nd media splash for nothing.


Carol hasn’t left her post, this is an additional ambassador

On Thursday 18 November, Emma travelled to RAF College Cranwell with her ocean rowing boat and was presented with her Cadet Forces Commission in the rank of Wing Commander, and will assume the role of Honorary Ambassador – joining forces with our other Ambassador, Honorary Group Captain Carol Vorderman.


@Anton Welcome to our band of persons.

Any new Ambassadors are a good thing.

As long as they pull their weight like CV.

CH… did zip.

I’m sure our new one will bring much support and good will.
Good luck to her.

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She’s certainly making a good start with an Aim to raise £80k for the Development Trust.

I think the org got a little hung up on 2012, and Chris Hoy didn’t work out as hoped, I’d imagine that all would accept this and that engagement of this type has been adjusted to fit. Carol does regular mention us on Twitter etc. which in itself raises awareness.


I think its great having ambassadors! I think unofficiallly Sqn Ldr Mike Ling is a great ambassador for the Corps!
Most cadets aspire to do what he has done.
Maybe he should get more recognition for what he has done!


I was chatting to a senior CFAV over New Year who was questioning the appointment of the latest ambassador, her view was that rowers are a ‘flash in the pan’ and that after her Atlantic endeavour the Hon Wg Cdr will fall in to obscurity. She argued that if you asked the vast majority of 13 year olds (not just cadets) who Carol Vorderman is they will know of her given that CV has sustained her media profile.

My view is that this is a good appointment, the Hon Wg Cdr is an ex-cadet and regular and is living by the ‘Venture Adventure’ motto, but I do take the point around longevity.

How do others see it? What can the Hon Wg Cdr do to ensure she remains inspirational to cadets after her row?

Sacrifice 8 to 12 hours per week for 20+ years running a youth group?

Oh wait. No. That doesn’t generate the ‘right’ clickbate or media interest HQAC are after.


before she “remains inspirational” she needs to become recognisable imo

without scrolling up the page and finding her name I couldn’t pick her name out of a scrabble bag of options and know if I got it right…nor would I be able to pick her face out of a line up.

I don’t disagree with the appointment, but other than reading on her (and seen nothing on SM) I do agree there is already a level of “…fall in to obscurity…” as although “current” how many of us CFAVs and Cadets could name the Ambassador without looking it up?

I accept there is an element of both required however, both a known name and reputation behind it…CV had the name and reputation prior to her appointment and maintains her profile.
no one knows of the new Ambassador by name or reputation prior so it is a completely different approach

Are you not missing the point? Why would an ambassador for an organisation be speaking to/engaging with people already in the organisation?

Surely in it’s truest sense an ambassador shouldn’t have much day to day contact with the people they’re representing - their job is to go out to the wider world and sell us to them.

Someone who can put on the level of adventure that this person has clearly has a sound head on them, and so might be a good person to approach companies, other orgs to promote us and what we do.


that is a fair point - but i still feel the point I made about having a name for ones self.

she is a middle of the road RAF Officer who has completed an incredible challenge but is otherwise not noteworthy.
As much as some might scoff, having “former Red Arrows pilot” tag would have more impact.

I do agree that we don’t need to be engaging with the Ambassador, but those who do still need to know the name or the reputation to be impressed/interested enough to meet them.

given the rank she got in the time she got it, it’s probably more accurate to say “relatively well achieving RAF Officer” (sure, not the best, but I’d give the “middle of the road” tag to those who just float along at Flt Lt for their entire career)

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And we wonder why sometimes regulars find CFAV’s irritating…

I don’t think describing perfectly decent officers doing a perfectly decent job not note worthy… or as floating along in their career as to be unremarkable as a particularly good look for this forum.

I agree, as an organisation we deserve to have ambassadors that are out there making an impression and best able to bang the drum. CV is great for this - our new ambassador has been given the post for five minutes.