New Acronym - TiFT?

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I’m working through some documentation wrt aviation assets. Does anyone know what the acronym “TiFT” means?

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Troops in Fighting Trim?

My reference for that

I think it serves the same purpose the CEFO (Combat Effective Fighting Order) that we use in fieldcraft?

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I always understood it to mean ‘Carrying Equipment Fighting Order’, e.g. webbing. What does ‘Combat Effective Fighting Order’ even mean?

A quick Google would imply we’re both wrong but both close!

JDP 3-51 says:

Fighting order is a term used mainly by ground troops to describe the minimum equipment the individual requires to operate immediately in a hostile environment. It is sometimes referred to as combat equipment fighting order (CEFO) or troops in fighting trim (TIFT) depending upon the Service but generally describes the individual having webbing, body armour and combat helmet, weapon, ammunition and communications equipment (with batteries at 100% charge) on the person.

But our FT policy says “Complete Equipment Fighting Order”.

I feel this is one of those acronyms that seems to have slightly different play on the words, but all means the same thing.

  • Combat Effective Fighting Order
  • Carrying Equipment Fighting Order
  • Combat Equipment Fighting Order
  • Complete Equipment Fighting Order

Same difference really. And it’d appear that TiFT is just a different version of that.

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I was pretty sure CEFO was Combat Equipment Fighting Order, and then CEMO is Combat Equipment Marching Order.

But apparently it is Complete Equipment.

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Certainly that’s what AC71966 says. But most other places I look the C is Combat.

I have it as combat equipment fighting order in my lesson plans!

or in the ATC…

… Agressive Camping Kit



Marching order, yes. Fighting order is more like angry hiking.

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I’d say they all mean the same thing except for ‘Combat effective …’ which I just can’t get my head around.

I’d suggest the difference between CEFO and TiFT is that CEFO is just the equipment and TiFT is the troops wearing the equipment. When it comes to transport, the former can go on shelves but the latter need somewhere to sit.

IIRC, that’s what it started out as, and was then changed to the less aggressive and cadet friendly version later.

To me ‘combat equipment’ implies rifle, bayonet, grenades, etc. When it comes to CEMO, I’m not convinced your gonker and spare shreddies qualify as ‘combat equipment’.

I found Complete Equipment was the term used on Arrsepedia.

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Belt kit or webbing are better terms anyhow surely.

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That’s what I’ve always called it — especially after hearing someone say ‘key-foe’, rather than my assumed pronunciation ’see-foe’, which made me unsure which was right.

Can’t we just call it day kit and full kit? :joy: