New ACP20

share point banner is now pointing to the new ACP20 to replace 20b

would have been better if they had finished it before publishing it!

Good. They’ve been referring to it in bits and pieces for months :slight_smile:

Quick cadet Bloggs has broken his leg, what shal we do now?

Log on to bader, find ACP 20 go to Pers 106 I will find the answer there.

[quote]Pers 106
Casualty Procedure - ATC Adult Staff and Cadets – TO FOLLOW


I was a little bizarred out by Instruction No. 108.

“Hmmm I need to find out the specifications for Banners in the ATC and the drill instructions for parading them…Where shall I look?
I know! The Personnel manual! Where else!?”

:ohmy: :ohmy:

A good proof-read wouldn’t have gone a miss either…

Come on, why is anyone surprised? The sweethearts at HQAC have got themselves all excited about issuing a “book” with a load of new/revised/re-hashed policies/orders and people are suggesting they should have read them first.

The rule of thumb for any new policy etc from HQAC in my experience; rush it out and then proof read/revise it later, once everyone has got thoroughly confused and thought nuts to it. Then bellyache that no one is following what has been decreed.

I wish I had a day job where I could be so consistently slapdash and no apparent action to address it.

Well, I haven’t read anything except No 108 yet (I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing in the contents so had to check).

That’s certainly not new. It’s stolen from an old version of something else and still refers to ACP19. :ohmy:

Come now, the rule is clearly ‘Rush it out and let those annoying people on ACC read it, pull it apart and find all our mistakes, and then we’ll print out the thread, correct the mistakes and put those that complain on our $4it list’

From what I gather, the trend of releasing half finished documents and or policies (which are shortly thereafter rescinded) is a source of annoyance to WExOs and not just the volunteer and is routinely pushed upwards…