New about-turn on the march

Does anyone have a video clip or know where I can find one of the “new Drill” - about-turn on the march.
I have asked in many places, ex cadets now serving, wing warrant officer etc. no one can tell me how it is done correctly
Please help

There was one in the old forum, maybe in the archived site if its still up

There are photos in AP 818 which depict it pretty well.
It’s virtually the same as it’s always been except that instead of making the ‘T’ shape by placing the left foot in front of the right, one pivots 90º on the ball of the right foot and brings the left foot down to approximately the position of attention. Then the other legs move through the bent knee position as the turn is completed - the same as before.

The ACC member that was filmed giving an excellent formalised demo of this was Foley, but when I search for the link to it in the archive I can’t find it. Unless it was posted by incubus…?

Sorry, was on a million-hour callout yesterday, and my brain no longer operates the way it should.


This one.

Thank you very much

You’re welcome :wink: