NEP within probation period

a friend needs a break for personal reasons and was a CI for many years and commissioned 18 months back now. they have been told by the wing commander that they cannot go nep as they are still in probationary period (not been able to attend cic due to work pressures). they have been told the choice is to leave (totally,can’t go back to ci), or stay.

is this corps policy? it seems a shame to lose someone in this way when they just need time to sort their life out.

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Not sure 100% on the NEP point. I can see to an extent that it may result in the probationary commission being withdrawn as they won’t have done CIC in time. But the being kicked out completely rather than revert to CI seems like your OC Wing bring a bit of a (insert forum friendly insult here)

Seems sus probation shouldnt be that long

Can have a LOA of up to 12 weeks without going NEP.


Probation is 12 months but gets extended if you don’t do CIC in that time

Given the timings you outlined, is due allowance being made for the disruption of OIC etc due to Covid?



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This is exactly what VoV is for…

I dont know exact policy, but Personal opinion sounds like OC Wg is making stuff up. Ive seen loads of peeps from officer to CI. Routine practice in my Wing is of you fail probation as a Officer because of non disciplinary stuff then you just revert to a CI.

Cant be losing volunteers

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I had a Sergeant reverted to CI for not doing his course which was delayed by Covid.

Were you able to challenge that?

That is totally out of order as Covid wasn’t his/her fault.


thanks for the information, unfortunately the person has written today to resign their commission :frowning:

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Why do so many people in this organisation persist in methods of operating that discourage and ultimately lose volunteers?


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