NEP - Return Process

Does anyone know the process please for returning from NEP?
Apologies if this is somewhere else. Are there forms, interviews that need to be completed and sent to Wing, Region, HQAC; etc.
Thanks for any help

I think you need to speak to your squadron or wing and tell them you wish to return.
Depending on how long you have been NEP you may need a new DBS

Hi Incubus, thanks.
No, it’s not me. A WO at my Sqn wants to return earlier than anticipated. Perhaps they should have taken a Leave of Absence, but hindsight’s a wonderful thing. Just can’t find any forms (there must be a form!!) on Sharepoint or direction of what to do (surprise!)

Would have hoped that someone would have ‘been in touch’ during your time away; but then again!!

If you have been away for more than 6 months, you will have to redo your DBS, remembering that you can’t attend until the certificate has been received.

No forms to complete. You just advise wing that you intend to return. As above, if it’s longer than 6 months, you’ll need a new DBS