Need Wing Training Day Info!

I am making a powerpoint about the different Wing Training Day activities available and i can’t seem to find them anywhere, I know about Drill, Banner Drill, First Aid and Modelling but I’m sure there are more.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sgt Chaloner

There is no such thing as a standard Wing Field Day and different wings will have different events assuming that they have a WFD at all.

You will need to check with somebody who knows what your wing does.

What my wing calls a WFD consists of drill and banner competitions, aeromodelling, air recce, media competition and occasionally photography. We also don’t do that thing I’ve seen other wings do where you have an overall winner of the field day - ours is just a day to run individual competitions and there is talk about splitting that up into separate events too.

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Oh okay that makes sense, thankyou