NCO structure

Is the 5 Cpl 3 Sgt 2 FS 1 CWO structure a ratio or a typical squadron structure?

It all depends on the size of your Squadron. There are scales in ACP 20 that give guidance on how many NCO’s that size Squadron should have.

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@RM95 beat me to it with the explanation.

the scales are shown below in the table.

Based on what you share it would appear you are at a D Type Sqn based on the table.

These are more like guidelines (queue the Barbossa Meme) and can be adjusted bt +/- 1 on each


It’s not a structure I’ve ever used.

I’ve always gone with a flight based structure depending on how many Cadets I had, each flight contained:

12 - 15 Cadets
2 - 3 Corporals
1 - 2 Sergeants
0 - 1 Flight Sergeant

CWO’s as many as are suitable not included in the flight structure, attached to HQ with the staff.

Or can just be completely ignored.


I have been on a Squadron with a “by the book” sector commander and insisted that we kept to the table.

while on others the CO was strict on themselves only deviating by +/-1

my current Squadron i don’t think anyone cares providing there are sufficient NCOs for the size of Cadets we have and those that are worthy of promotion get the chance as the natural wastage of NCOs leave and create gaps.

As an OC I would suggest that if they want to be that involved in the running of my Squadron they might want to take over or mind their own business.

It’s Air Cadets not RAF Reserve

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