NCO "Role Descriptions"

Does anyone have any resources they could share of what they would expect different ranks to do/be involved with at the different levels?

I’m thinking like a “job description” in as much as it would be useful for people to know exactly what we expect of our NCOs. I don’t want a debate about whether it’s a job or not, I’m just looking for examples of what various sqns expect their NCOs to actually do.


I always liked the ACP 31 Section 1 (p22) description of each rank


My personal descriptions would be,

Corporal - To work directly with the cadets to carry out the SNCOs plans. This could include, teaching and taking drill.

Sargent - To manage the coproals and do supervisory work

Flight Sargent - To run the place. This would involve planning nights and giving Sargent’s the run down on what’s happening.

CWO - To manage the whole NCO team and work directly with staff to get things done. This is definitely more supervising and more of a staff role.


Again, this is more of the qualities expected of the rank rather than role descriptions but hoiked out of my sqn nco guide. Simply because role descriptions would be more specific to the job being completed, e.g. Flight Commander, Flight 2IC, Senior Cadet. I do have descriptions of those somewhere too but would have to dig them up:

Expectations of Rank
For cadets a promotion is seen as a major milestone within their career in the RAFAC. However, not all cadets are suitable for promotion and may never achieve the first rung on the promotion ladder. Below is a very generalised summary of what is expected of Cadet NCOs at 200 Squadron for each rank.

Cadet Corporal (Cdt Cpl)
A cadet who is good all round, with a high level of attendance and excellent standard of drill and discipline. They have explored a range of opportunities that the RAFAC has to offer. They will be able to complete most tasks asked of them with some supervision. They are showing potential signs of leadership ability. They have a working knowledge of the organisational structure of the Squadron.

Cadet Sergeant (Cdt Sgt)
A well-established cadet who can complete all tasks required of them with little in the way of supervision. They will instinctively know to complete routine tasks without being asked to do them. They have explored a wide range of opportunities that the RAFAC has to offer and have been involved in personal development courses. They are established leaders within the Squadron and can advise Cadets and Corporals on best practice. They have a working knowledge of the organisational structure of the Wing.

Cadet Flight Sergeant (Cdt FS)
A crucial role on the squadron undertaken by a cadet who can promote teamwork of the cadets below them through their leadership. Their focus moves away from just personal ambition to also include selfless service to the squadron, often coming up with new ideas to improve the way the squadron functions. They are established leaders within the Sector, planning activities or events ahead of parade nights and can coordinate NCOs below them. They have a working knowledge of the organisational structure of the Corps.

Cadet Warrant Officer (CWO)
A cadet who has worked hard to gain as much as possible from the RAFAC and has experienced it all. They influence the attitudes of the cadets below them through leadership by example acting as a role model to all. They regularly come up with new initiatives to help move the squadron forward to new heights and contribute to management decisions at a Squadron level. Secondary to this they are also well-established leaders within the Wing contributing their services to Wing training courses and event coordination.


There is a literal job description you can get - ACP 48 and 49

I believe it’s being updated at the moment but it’s still the current Job spec taught at NCO courses.


It’s spelt Sergeant. Or, Serjeant in some regiments, (Serjeant is also a long unused rank of lawyer, they were killed off by Queen’s Counsel)

Anywho, topic.


There is no difference in ACTO7 / ACP49 as to what the difference between a Sgt, FS or CWO does but I do include copies from the publications in the guide alongside expectations.

I threw ACTO7 & ACP 49 in the bin long ago. I was told when I was a cadet that they were obsolete & to ignore them.

That was 30years ago and the documents still haven’t been updated.

The establishment we have on our Sqn is defined by role

Flt Cpls/NCOs - normally a Cpl, would also include L/Cpl if we could have them.
Flt Cdr - normally a Sgt but can be a cpl if no other NCOs
Training NCO - either Sgt or FS, assists & reports to Training Officer
Admin NCO - either Sgt or FS - assist & reports to Adjutant
Lead Cdt SNCO, either CWO or FS, Can be Sgt depending number of NCOs. Reports direct to Sqn Cdr.

All have a brief role profile that gives structure & expectations along with title, role, goal & relationships. All role profiles are posted on a notice so everyone from Jnr cdt upwards know the expectation.

We also have briefs for the rotating duty roles of duty SNCO, Duty JNCO & canteen NCO

@pEp - I can PM you what we use for role profiles if this helps. We also have a promotion matrix defining the minimum qualification expectations for each rank.

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That would be really helpful, thank you.

I have a criteria/guidelines for what I expect candidates to have experienced/done for each rank, what I’m after is more like the ACP49 stuff but that lumps Sgts, FSs and CWOs in together and I’d like them separated and distinct.

Thanks everyone for your assistance so far.

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Would you mind sending your NCO job roles to me as well? @Chief_Tech

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Not a problem - well prompted. Christmas just taken over so will see about getting it sorted. Sorry bout the delay.