NCO Observation

I was wondering if anyone has either a development or observation form I can use for NCOs. I currently make development plans with my NCOs but am looking at developing NCOs on another sqn so want to observe them first and give feedback. I could just make notes but if anyone has a structured form that’d be great.

Could you not just use SWOT and SMART for the dev side?

Situational obs and feedback should really be in “what went well, even better if” and “situation, behaviour, impact” format because these are the methods taught for self reflection in our own leadership syllabus.

I plan to use SWOT when i sit down with the NCOs and do self development. I also want to observe them from a distance before this so wondered what things other people look at.

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General obs at the basic level I keep in mind the kinds of criteria that presentation skills and leadership are assessed as - not using the scoring system but using the headings as an anchor to design feedback relevant to the scenario witnessed. Possibly developing further or into other areas if needed or for the best.

Sounds like that might be a good starting point for you. I don’t have anything specific that I review or assess against (flexibility is needed given the variability of situation, role, personality, etc) other than SWOT and SMART for mid to long term planning because more just isn’t necessary (imo) and it matches their NCO and PTS training.

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