Hi all, I have been NCO IC on my sqn for just over a year now and am moving on soon. When given the role, there was no guidance except things I have observed over the years.
Does anyone have a written copy of NCO IC TORs or tips I can pass on to the next one.

Another -ism with no definite roles and responsibilities.
Perhaps take the opportunity to create some in consultation with your staff and your NCO team? Bit like a team charter you all work towards


they are not “terms of reference” but ACTO 007: Cadet NCO Training does have a “specification” against Cpl and Sgt on what the “minimum” knowledge/skills should be.

but as @Adminvortex indicates there is no definite list as each Squadron is different, not only in how it runs but the building too.
Expecting a Cpl to look after X on 123 Sqn is not relevant for 456 Squadron where they don’t have an X to consider