NCO Evening

Hi, I have recently been promoted to Corporal and being new to the NCO team want to give some good ideas for the next NCO evening.
Does anyone have any good ideas?

I’m also currently a cpl and am planning a few possible NCO evening and lessons so I’ve got a few ideas!

One of the main things is a lesson on cadet portal and how to use it effectively. I recently found out that staff can’t access cadet portal in the way cadets see it and therefore an NCO teaching how to use cadet portal would work well and would be very useful. I don’t know if it’s a general thing but a lot of people on my squadron don’t know where to find basic things like key documents and don’t know that there are video lessons on things such as uniform and drill, so an in depth lesson going through all of cadet portal is my first idea.

For a more fun and active evening, I will be doing a public speaking/presentation competition so cadets can work together to achieve a goal, learning skills of doing good research and finding important information to present, and of course public speaking and presenting which is an especially good thing to practice for those who want to become NCOs. This could be on a range of topics of your choosing so you can tailor it to what you think would be the best and most engaging.

A final idea which is a bit more dull but nonethless important is a uniform evening. What I’ll be doing is a uniform inspection the week before and then pick out one thing in particular for the cadet to work on and improve over an evening with the support of the NCOs and other cadets who are particularly good at that uniform item

Thanks I will use a few of those ideas.
An idea for you is an evening where all the NCO’s take of their rank slides and then they are randomly given to the cadets for the evening. This can help give some of the cadets more confidence, especially the newer cadets.

Mint idea. Start with the basics of how to keep up to date, especially attendance, etc as that will count towards future promotions.

70% of the time if we don’t tell cadets to keep checking portal, they miss out on courses and activities. In the big world if you don’t report absences then there be consequences, so best to get them used to informing us if they can’t attend.