NCO course..issues

So a few months ago we had an issue with a cpl who unfortunately had their great grandaunt pass a few days before their JNCO course alas they couldn’t make it. Yet now they want to be promoted to sgt without the JNCO qualification. The next JNCO course is in 4 months. Can we promote them still? (I also want to clarify that this is the only time of year that we promote Sgts)

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Nothing mandatory about having a JNCO Course to be promoted - its OC’s decision who they promote (up to FS)

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OCs can promote FS if they want…its just CWO now

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Some wings will have their own mandated local policy…theres nothing in official policy though

Courses aren’t mandated for any rank and all promotions are at the discretion of the unit’s OC, except for CWO.

It’s prudent to ensure that the number of personnel at each rank is in keeping with the number for which the unit is scaled, but there’s no immediate consequence if you do happen to be out of balance.

Ah I should it said up to and including FS that was my bad english there!

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That’s how I read it anyway.

This sounds like a self-imposition that could be easily resolved.

To summarise the previous responses, there’s nothing in policy preventing you promoting this individual at any time.

However, if your concern is more about the appearance of fair treatment than the possibility of promotion within the rules, have you considered promotion to acting rank until all the unexpected (I won’t say mandated) courses have been completed?

In the RAF, key enlisted promotions (to cpl, sgt, FS, and WO) are all acting until the required courses have been completed (JMLC, IMLC, AMLC, HMLC, plus any profession- [formerly trade-] specific courses). On completion, the substantive promotion date is subsequently backdated to the date of the original promotion board.


Have you considered promoting based on ability and eligibility, not the position of the planet in it’s orbit around the sun? It just seems a bit arbitrary!


Are you CCF or ATC?

If CCF you contingent will be able to promote out of sequence but I understand the complexities involved particularly if dealing with parents objecting or if you are wanting handovers from the year before ahead of them leaving after A levels.

There’s no organisational barriers from air cadet side it’s just local rules & policies for your unit.


Certainly in our wing there’s a Wing wide policy mandating the courses. I believe the rationale is to provide a more consistent cadet experience between sqns but I have never actually asked for a rationale. Means we have 4 NCOs, all stuck at CPL as the haven’t been available to do the weekend training and assessment days.

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I’m not convinced that Wing have the authority to mandate that. Willing to be shown otherwise in the ACPs, but if not just promote and tell Wing to take a long walk off a short pier

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