Navy cadet strength chart

Does anyone know how many cadets are required in the sea cadets for two warrant officers

What do you mean by ‘two warrant officers’? As in two Staff WO’s?

Could you elaborate?

I’m guessing that you are asking how many sea cadets must there be on a unit for it to have two WOs on strength…
Unless it has changed in the past two or three years, WOs fill specific posts only in the SCC (as district WOs or CSM/RSM) and thus it wouldn’t be related to cadet strength.

That is what I’m asking, is it not similar to the air cadet cadet strength system?

I mean two CWOs

Right, got you…

They don’t have Cadet Warrant Officers.
Their highest cadet ranks are Petty Officer Cadet and Cadet Sergeant.

Your chart above is now out of date I think.

CCF(RN) do have CWOs according to the new CCF Regulations (though this chart doesn’t include LCpl for CCF(RAF)). Note that this also says no set limits for each rank, but it should be appropriate.

That being said there is a suggestion of numbers of cadets for each rank here. (Which seems to slightly contradict the listed ranks in the to table)

Right, my CCF has two navy warrant officer and it is 34 cadets strong, was wondering if they are breaking any rules

Not according to the above (though there may be separate CCF(RN) regs as well), as long as they are good enough on merit. Also worth remembering that one of them may be a “contingent” appointment rather than a"section" one

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