National anthems

This maybe a dumb question, but I was wondering if cadets are allowed to sing any other country’s national anthem apart from the British one while in uniform. I was at a parade a few months ago honouring the Polish pilots and the Polish anthem was sung. Of course there are cadets with different nationalities, so it just crossed my mind very suddenly if cadets are allowed to sing another country’s national anthem if it is played… sorry if this is a dumb question. I’m just curious :neutral_face:

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Don’t see why not. People in uniform certainly sing the Welsh and Scottish anthems without any dramas. (Is there a Northern Irish one?)

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Northern Irish is god save the Queen :wink:

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Current process for the military is that if they are in a country they pay the relevant compliments if that countries national anthem is played i.em standing to attention when it comes to singing im not aware of any directive to say you cant however it isnt usually sung mainly because they may not know the lyrics but in theory you could.

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As far as I am aware, full compliments are paid to all national anthems when played formally - singing however is most likely up to individual preference. I know the words to the Star Spangled Banner but I wouldn’t sing it, though I would sing O Canada (where I hold citizenship).

Let’s be honest though, what’s stopping you, anyone who moans is a bit of a throbber…


Sorry should of said but there is NO such thing as a Scottish National Anthem. Scotland the Brave/ Flower of Scotland were picked by the relevant organisations as the tune to play but there is nothing official

If you are going to sing it all I would suggest is you know the CORRECT wording of the song :wink:

As @big_g stated there is only one National Anthem in The UK and that is God Save the Queen. The others are just folk songs used by their respective Rugby Unions to give their fans something else to sing!

I would say that if you have a connection with the country, sing along, whether in uniform or not!!

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An important point as, of course, officers salute during the National Anthem but not during, say, Flower of Scotland.

Would Officers salute during other countries National Anthems?

yes out of respect - in the same way we all salute those of a commissions rank of other nations.

Be it American, German, French or other we salute their officers in recognition and respect of their commission, i would expect the same courtesy to be paid to a National Anthem - ready to be proven wrong though

Same as Wales and Scotland :clown_face:

Not quite…
God save the Queen is the national anthem of the
United Kingdom and Northern Ireland when together for instance the Olympics, also some commonwealth countries use it as well.

When each country is represented separately it’s only England and NI that continue to use God Save the Queen.
Wales has its own official anthem (Land of my fathers)
Scotland has no separate official anthem.

This is a painful dirge, God knows why (yes I know what it’s about) they picked it.

I think when it’s the 6 Nations just for the game against Scotland the English should sing the 6th verse of God Save The Queen. In the name of sporting rivalry.

Nothing like a bit of Scot-crushing is there?

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Not when it comes to rugby.

Beating them should be enough…

This would suggest that there’s nothing against it:

I’d imagine certainly if for an occasion such as remembrance or (as in this case) for or by someone with links to the nation whose anthem it is.

They’ve done that more than once in Lacrosse. Including at the World Championship

What like this?



Yeah just like that