NACATC Training Course program

Afternoon folks,

Just quick one, just downloaded the program of courses from the Air Cadet Adventure Training website, and it looks like there is no courses running for the rest of 2014? Does anyone know if there is an updated program anywhere? Or is this just the extent of the courses run through NACATC?


The rest of the 2014 courses are here:

Ta, couldn’t find it on Sharepoint myself…

Has anyone heard anything about what the plans are for the centres after August?

Thinking about the weeks later in the year which were allocated for camps and more importantly the instructor training courses.

I had 4 staff down for courses which have now been cancelled so am wondering if it’s worth trying to get them booked later in the year.

I was thinking a similar thing last night - although more towards the potential to cancel all bookings this season, and look at churning out more top-up logbook weeks/instructor training so we can all get currency again!

Not sure what the current plan is tbh; I had heard a brief rumour that they were looking to re-organise the paddlesport week for later in the year but not sure about the others. I’ll try and find out.

Cheers, I had staff down for ML Training, RCI Training and MIAS so will be really disappointing if we end up without any of it!

Looks like the current plan (although it’s under review constantly based on the changing situation) is to run the courses as advertised in the Autumn as per the current course list, giving those who got their course cancelled the opportunity to re-book on those courses if an equivalent one is available.

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