Mysterious 'RAF' badge: any theories?


This is something of a puzzle…I presume this counts as a far eastern mistranslation (or, an incorrect affiliation)?



Deliberate error to avoid causing issues I imagine


At least one other air force (SAAF) has “aspera” in their motto…but not sure how the “Royal” part fits in.

I have an account within AliExpress, I’ve asked the seller…


They replied very quickly, saying that they know it is the RAF badge, but not saying who the badge is intended for. I’ll ask again.

They did provide the link for the Per Ardua version.


Here is their further reply:

This badge is not intended for anybody! We were just using the shape of the “Royal Air Force” badge, but putting “PER ASPERA AD ASTRA” ------- It’s from a song!

If you can open this webpage, you will see it’s from the Band “Haggard”, and this song is from their Album 《Eppur Si Muove》

Belive you can check more information about this song in English (as now our Internet is limited to visit Google, so I’m not able to find them for you, hope you can understand

YouTube link for those that are interested!