My shoes wont shine any more

I need some tips for regaining the shine of my parade shoes. I used to be able to get them very shiny but now whenever l polish one of them it just doesn’t work at all. Any tips because I’d much rather not strip them.

Sylvette Cloth
Kiwi Black
Cotton wool

Soak Sylvette cloth in water ring out

Apply a small amount of polish and work into leather, should feel smooth and not grainy. If it feels grainy, dip the cloth in more water.

Continue process until high shine.

When you think you are done run the bathroom cold tap at a medium flow until ice cold.

Soak cotton wool and bull with just water for a couple of mins per shoe.

Blow excess water off.


^ That, but you might need to start with brushes depending on the initial state of the shoe.

The initial state was very good. I was able to get them mirror like before it stop shining. I haven’t changed technique or anything like that

Is it possible that they’ve become damp inside?

I’d suggest that as the most likely reason that they’ve gone from shiny to not- shiny, and the way to cure it is to stuff them with newspaper, leave them in the house for a week (change the newspaper every day to start with…) and just let them dry out slowly.

Has anyone else noticed that the new tins of Kiwi (with a more modern design) seems not to shine as well as the older tins?