Anyone going to the nation muster that i can spend the day with? :joy:

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National muster?

The thing that yet again, isn’t a national event?


Which might not even be where advertised…

To be fair, Alex’s comment is the first time I’ve seen it referred to as a ‘national’ muster. AFAIK it’s just a Station muster for wings that are kind of nearby…

Does anyone have any form of actual detail about it? We’ve been invited to bid for places but there are no timings, eligibility criteria, list of activities, locations etc that anyone will send me.

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I’ve only been asked if I can support some of the Esports elements.

But I might be going if it comes through.

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Seen loads of emails but no details.

Is there an SMS event for people to sign up to? They’re expecting about 2000 cadets apparently.

If there is, no one has shared it.

I can’t advertise it and get people to go because I don’t know when, where, who can go etc. I don’t know who is leading on it, so can’t ask, and people throw a strop every time I try and ask for some info.

I think it is on there but from local chatter in LaSER someone has messed up so Wings / Sqns can’t see the event or sign anyone up!

So there is a LaSER SMS application for the event, with sub applications for each wing. Units have only been invited to the sub app, and not the main app, so it doesn’t show up in the events list. It means you can only see it with a link directly to it. This is the link to the Sussex sub app, which will then allow you to see the main app. This is the link to the main LaSER app.

That’s great thanks. A shame that the wing I’m in isn’t included on the sub apps list though…

Yeah, this is for LaSER. I’ve no clue what’s happening for other wings, and not actually sure what other wings are invited. I know each LaSER wing has 100 spaces allocated, and there it’s about 2000 spaces total.

And brilliantly it even openly says “not all cadets will get the chance to fly”. What’s the point then? Either reduce your numbers so they all can, or don’t advertise it as having flying at the forefront.

This really grips me. I would like to think they’ve learnt from other events of this type, but I’m willing to bet it will be a cluster.


My understanding is there is going to be lots of other stuff going on, flying is only one of those activities. (Not defending them, just saying what I know!)

Of course, there are also no files attached, so it is yet again a case of 1 rule for everyone else and 1 rule for anyone who has favour within the organisation.

How can anyone be planning a regional event for 2000 cadets and not have so much as a single file on the SMS activity one month before it is due to happen? It should be approved by now, done and dusted with just names and last minute hiccups to sort.

I wonder if there is a ‘master’ application that we can’t see yet, and names will all be transferred over once the places are confirmed? As this app is just LaSER. There will be all the other wings and CCF too. So surely there’s another application somewhere…

Hahahahahahah. I think that might be wishful thinking.

I would bet money on this being the only application, it not being approved by anyone until about 10pm the night before, there being no useful documents attached to it until it’s too late to use them, any feedback or criticism seen as “attacking” and unnecessary and no changes occurring because of it.


The ellipsis at the end was meant to imply an amount of sarcasm :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


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So Central & East are also having a muster at the same time on the same day at the same location…

Again no bader SMS event for staff or cadets to sign up to.

There might well be a master HQ app for Sqns & wings to be transferred too that has the numbers/files.