Music badge for instrument not played in months?

I have attained grade 8 in violin, yet I have stopped practicing for months, which I’d be out of tune and not able to apply the techniques if I play now. Is it still fine to apply for a music badge, if I don’t wish to join any music bands in the cadets? Can the music badge be requested in squadrons without music bands?

Simple answer is yes: you qualify for your Silver Musician Badge with a Grade 8.
You do not need to be in a band to get one.
Present the certificate to a member of staff and they should be able to request the badge from your Wing Music Officer.
For the violin, you would get the Instrumental (Lyre) badge.


Absolutely fine. We have people with radio badges who haven’t touched a radio in years, people with silver wings who would no longer be able to go solo in a glider because they haven’t flown in months. You’ve met the criteria so fine to wear the badge


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