Mum's Cyprus Camp Questions

Hi guys, an opportunity to go on the Cyprus Camp in October has come up, I really want to go but my mum has a ton of questions to ask first before she says yes, I was hoping somebody here who has been before can answer them!

Is insurance included?
What is the itinerary like?
What staff go with us and are they with us all the time?
What are we allowed to do in our free time/how much do we get?
How much extra equipment do you need to buy?
How much spending money do you need?
Thanks in advance for your help!
What activities do you do?

Have you not been given any info from your Sqn?

Insurance would be included in the price.
Qualified staff.
Unknown about free time.
Extra kit depends on the kit list you would be given.
about 100 euros.
you are welcome if I helped any.
No idea on activities, sorry.

Thanks, we’ve just been told that there’s a Cyprus camp in October we can put our names down for.

You are covered under the standard RAFAC Insurance Scheme (see attached) but will require a valid EHIC card.

It’s a blues and AT Camp, activities include Scuba Diving, Water Sports, Go Karting, Climbing/Abseiling, Hillwalking and Station visits at RAF Akrotiri.

You will be under staff supervision at all
times but will have free time as on UK camps. Escorting staff can be from any Wing or CCF contingent across the UK as it’s open to all units.

All specialist AT kit provided, you just need normal sportswear.

The warning order recommends €100 for personal spending.

Camp fee including airfare is £455



Just a quick note, travel insurance isn’t usually included so loss of luggage etc.

For the cost I would take out a separate travel insurance policy.

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Love how the death benefit is lower than that of losing a leg haha


Been through this with my own personal injury claim. Basically paid for the inconvenience of the injury. So if you lose a leg, youre paid for the nuance of losing your leg, and the effect that has on the rest of your life. And if you die, you’re just… You know… Dead. So you don’t have much thought about being annoyed at your lack of leg.


Use of EHIC, I’d get proper travel insurance and make sure you get a list of all activities and declare them so that they are covered including things like quad biking scuba diving rock climbing etc. EHIC only covers to the standard that a person of that country would get. Having been inside hospitals in this part of the world you don’t want the state hospitals if you can avoid it. The RAF hospital at Akrotiri was closed long ago and has now been demolished so there is just a station Med Centre.

Request a copy of the insurance policy documents as an old copy of ACP 300 ( makes interesting reading in that there is a supplement to enable an AA back to the UK and for higher levels of cover. The ACP specifically refers to ‘accidents’ not medical issues such as apendicitis, gastroenteritis or worse, which is not an accident.

The RAF does not undertake to medevac back to the UK of any camp member who needs it. The cost for a civilian AA is about £25 to 30,000k.