Multi coloured unit identifiers?


I can’t wait to see how that is enforced!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I can’t see how the RAF, or RAFAC for that matter, can force anyone to buy Squadron casual wear in any particular pattern!!!


I’m not saying it makes a great deal of sense and enforcement will be tricky - particularly with the range of colours and styles already out there.

The RAF document goes into acceptable Pantone colours and is very narrow - essentially the main body of a garment can be navy or light blue, piping and embellishments in white or maroon yaddah yaddah.

I can understand the desire to enforce a degree of branding, but I think causing every Squadron to be the exact same colour and style is a step too far - Cadets (and staff) want to take pride in and differentiate themselves from other Squadrons. Most of the time these things will be worn is at cadet events and not so much in public. If worn in public, it doesn’t matter, because no one else is there.

The one thing I believe will be in, though, is including the “next generation” RAFAC logo - a point I do agree with.


I think it’s going to be part of the authorised with DPM/MTP stuff. (So like the military do, wearing unit T-Shirts/Polos with MTP trousers and boots).

The problem with requiring the addition of the RAFAC logo is that it will almost double the cost of Squadrons kit as most companies charge quite a bit more for extra embroidery.


Interesting if the Civ Com say ‘no were not paying, it’s a mandatory uniform requirement therefore not a problem for us. We provide for the things the Corps don’t fund such as equipment for the cadet experience and welfare’.


Maybe it should be rainbow coloured to support the LGBTQ element in the ACO?

Now that would get the ‘badge police’ upset.


Sounds like it’s extending “RIAT dress” to the wider Corps…?


I think they would be pressured by the Wing/Region Chair to tow the line and cough up!


To be fair, I’d quite like that! It would make events far more colourful!!


To the RAF: they are introducing this new order of dress with highly specific designs on the polo shirts and baseball caps. RAFAC is just following suit as usual, almost certainly without making allowances for who covers costs.


That makes more sense. One presumes then, that Hoodies, soft shells, sports kits etc in unofficial patterns, to be worn in civvies, will remain un-outlawed??


I should hope so.


Ultimately it will be the cadets…


In reality once they. Open Pandora’s Box then everyone will start doing it with their current shirts and to Hell with HQAC.




Curious to know what everyone thinks about this

  • This is an issue that time should be put into
  • It’s really not that big of a deal, let them have their badge,

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Our wing have purchased enough for every sqn and allocate them when a new cadet is added to sms to prevent wastage…it can be managed.


What have they purchased??
The unit identity badges?


Yes…sorry wasnt clear


You know, it’s utterly moronic stuff like mandating what colour privately purchased hoodies cadets can wear, while presiding over the loss of gliding, the loss of VR Commissions (and being caught out lying about it), and closing units left, right and centre, that makes less and less fussed about the email I will receive in the next few weeks telling me that my time as a CFAV has ended…


How about the offensively coloured polos that D&C have been pumping out? I think they’ve already been explicitly told to stop that nonsense…