Multi coloured unit identifiers?


Clearly a deliberate attempt by an OC who is fed up of waiting for badges to make a scene to force the discussion about badges to be had. The fact that it has been put on social media makes that even more evident.


Surely one would look at the image in ap1358c and make the assumption the badges i order need to look exactly like that just with a different Sqn no?

Am i being to oblivious to how people really think and make decisions?

I assume either the oc is either making a point as already mentioned or has the attitude of its their sqn and they will do what they so wish?


Probably a combination of “well the book isn’t clear” plus “If I’ve got to buy my own I’ll do what I want” and “I’ll show them”.

Can’t say i don’t sympathise with all 3 points of view to be honest.


I think the issue is that now we are expected to pay for them.

There are no regs concerning the colour of sqn T-shirts, hoodies, or sports kits - because they are paid for privately. Why should the ID badges be any different?

Ergo The Sqn pays for them = The Sqn gets to say what colours are used.

It’s not something I would do, but I sympathise with that viewpoint.


I’m firmly in the “there are much bigger things to worry about, get a life” camp on this.


Not yet; because they haven’t issued the directive yet :wink:. But it’s coming…,


Getting back to the money aspect…
Will Sqns get some additional funding for buying these badges in the training grant I wonder

If not mine will be multi coloured


@incubus :smirk:


I’m sure it’s acceptable if it’s in MTP.


As @romeo_bravo says, it’s coming. It will be adopted from the RAF’s branding policy (a cracking read!).


The RWO, poor soul, is getting himself confused between regulation and specification, not the same really.
Is there a specification for the badges, ie size, colours, typeface. I fancy yellow background, royal blue border and red numbers.

I think they look OK.
Good on OC1475 for raising the problem, it’s made someone sit up and take notice, but I expect he’s getting a visit from the regional attitude adjustment team and several emails. It would be a laugh if he’d put something on the value volunteers thing and nothing was said.

The fact the RC has made a point of typing something and the acolytes jumping onboard, exemplifies the sad state of the ATC today. This should have been a phone call or email, not on SM.


I’ve already asked this question of my WExO and it was a firm “No, the Squadron pays!”


We’ve not seen any of the new FA badges despite asking repeatedly…


What and the ‘normal’ ones don’t?


So from which budget or is the Civ Com expected to cough up the money for something that is uniform requirement.


No. It could be the images but the ‘14’ and the ‘75’ are not even the same size.

I think the Sqn OC was very aware that he would be pushing the limits by doing this. There is no way he genuinely believed it would go unchallenged.
Sqns have to purchase their own badges now, yes, however that doesn’t mean you should make yourself look stupid in the process.


The big camps mean that CAC & Co don’t have to trawl all over the country to get a selfie with standard camps or cadets getting a mandatory badge.
I have to admit I don’t see the value in the big camps as there aren’t enough of them.
I did see some photos of a stem camp and they had what looked like large plastic meccano, not sure if that’s ours or not, but why aren’t squadrons being given this? I bet that wasn’t cheap to buy.


if people didn’t push boundaries nothing would change. We’d all still be hunter gatherers.

I like his style, it’s just sad the system will batter him into submission, by people full of their own and self-importance and who knows, he could leave the ATC over it.


One man’s stupid is another person’s design masterpiece. The colours are a little subjective, but you presume they relate to the colours the sqn has adopted. Nothing wrong with that. Bit more about unit identity.

My only counter argument is that, if this is essentially about the fact that units pay for the badges themselves, then going for two colours surely just increases costs?


I was told that the Squadron had to pay for them, so ultimately the Civ Comm!