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Eventually, once I am a bit more experienced and have got to grasp with what activities my unit does, I will probably buy some MTP waterproofs. (Unless my CCF issues them) However, based on previous threads, some have said lightweight stuff is terrible, and isn’t actually waterproof. Advice? Would heavyweight trousers fit in a UGL pouch on webbing (at a push!)

Thanks in advance

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CCF can be a little funny as some will some won’t.

Best person to speak to would be your SSI as they maybe able to get it at a discount on trade prices for your rather than pay full whack.

What you can do is also get some of the waterproofing and use it in your smock so that becomes a little more water resistant without the extra layers.

Yes thanks, I was wondering when I joined my CCF whether I should join ATC instead, but they seem pretty on-it, in terms of uniform, being sensible when dishing out promotions etc (unlike some where you see 10 CWO’s!)

I was considering these (They say lightweight but they are heavyweight)

Would that also work for trousers?

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I think it would but it really depends how often you do fieldcraft & Nitex on how often you will need the waterproofs.

Often in fieldcraft you often just got damp or your wear the waterproofs under the trousers so you don’t rustle.

Range work they’re fine.

If you have the time why not both? Quals can transfer across & you get double opportunity for courses etc.

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Unfortunately, I don’t! I was seriously considering it though.

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That’s what I did as a cadet. Would recommend it if you have the time

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