MTP Uniform

What MTP uniform do you guys all have/use for cadet purposes?

My understanding of the regs suggests only mtp smock/shirt are accepted as an out layer, but surely people must use thermal smocks and ubacs?

Cheers guys

Depends on what you’re doing: wing training day with lots of tedious people about, then it’s MTP only (and there actually are people in this organisation who will care deeply about someone wearing CS95 MTP rather than PCS MTP). Out on the training area it’s a free for all - whatever keeps you warm and dry. Softies, buffalo’s, Keela’s…

Personally I don’t rate the thermal smock - its too ‘weather resistant’ focused while being a mid-layer and so not very breathable, and secondly the arms are pretty narrow, making it a pain to get on and off.

Cheers Angus,

This is why I asked the question.

I cant understand why or how people can justify being so picky given that most of the stuff will be self bought.

The only thing I’ve found that is strictly forbidden seems to be ubacs

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I’d kindly suggest they should get out more…

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As a member of the pace stick wielding uniform policing uniformed brethren I will call out anyone who picks at this… The standard that should be met is correct pattern (I.e. Not US camo) and serviceable… Anything else is a win.

And I wear a MTP CS95 shirt ;)… That velcro gets in the way whilst carry out arms drill


The beauty is that with a smock as an outer layer, nobody really cares what you’ve got on underneath…

I like to rock my SAS MTP smock for most of my smock wearing time. In winter I go for the PCS smock for the fleece pockets.

Only seen someone (attempt to) wear an UBACS once. Didn’t end awfully well for them.

in other news your username🤣

Standard issue username, nothing to see here :smirk:

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Have worn US MTP for 7 years. A lot more
Comfy and waterproof than the CS95 and PCS. Just waiting for the first group to start wearing Crye like the Royal Marines.

Crye is fine for field use if you want but the club swinging drill types would probably not let people wear it on parade nights or in camp.