MTP Trousers issues (SOLVED)


I was only just issued with greens on Monday and I need them for Friday as I’m doing a residential. The trousers only just go on and they’re quite tight, and my squadron don’t have any bigger sizes and neither do my local cadet supplier. Anyone got any tips on how to widen the waistband? It’s fine everywhere else, it’s just the waist that’s too small.


Assuming that you have the adjuster buttons at the waist set to the loosest settings, you would be looking for a tailor to see if there is any slack in the seams and to re-stitch them.

You may have more luck asking your squadron to ask around nearby units to see if anybody can help.


That’s the problem - the trousers don’t have any adjusters. Also, my squadron has been ringing numerous squadrons in the area to see, but it’s looking bleak.


Then just try not to squat!


Private purchase? If you ordered from cadet kit shop and select the quickest delivery option you may get them friday before you go


:joy: good advice, I’m just really picky about what I wear because I like being semi-comfy


It depends on the price. We didn’t get a kit list until last Saturday and I’m going on this Friday, so we’ve already blown alot on kit.


What size are you looking for? Also where in the country are you?

Edited to note, are you looking for MTP or DPM?


So how long has this course been planned then advertised, if more than last Saturday, someone needs their backsiide kicking for putting an essential item of information out so late


I’m in England, and the current size I have is 85/108/120 :smile:


We got told we had places about a week ago, then we were given the documentation which I believe was for the staff to print off other documents to give to cadets. It’s quite stressful seeing as the list is also a page long so I had to go and buy quite a bit of stuff.


Dpm (Dark Green) or MTP (New Style)?


They’re MTP


@Overrated - if you tell us what size you need, rather than what you have, whether it’s MTP or DPM, and a location that’s marginally more specific than ‘England’, then perhaps someone might be able to help you.

If however you just want to whine, then spending the weekend with your balls cut in half will be no one’s fault but your own…


Have your staff look for DPM for you, i can kit out 3 or 4 squadrons in DPM with the amount we have, also i get regular emails asking if we want any more from local squadrons in the same position.


I’m not here to whine. If you read the original post, I asked for tips on widening the waist.

I don’t know if it’s common sense, but I’m looking for a size bigger than what I’ve got now. I’m not sure how the sizes work.

I said in a post before, but it’s MTP.

And I’d rather not be too specific on my location.




No, but he is :wink:




Ref sizing: Numbers are centimetres and go Leg/Waist/Seat.

Therefore your current pair are:
~34" leg
~42" waist
~ 47" around the ■■■■/hips.