MTP Trousers in the smaller waist Size

Does anyone know where I maybe able to source MTP Trousers in the smaller waist sizes of 64 cm 68cm or 72cm Please, desperate to find at least 3 pairs.

My current female cadets are all on the small size and everything I have managed to source of find tend to be in the 80cm waist upwards.

Cadet Kit Shop sell smaller sizes. I think they are licensed by MOD to do so. Not especially cheap, but might be the only option:

Youth Sized Trousers

Otherwise the ‘airsoft’ type companies do MTP copies in small. Not official MTP so might upset some WOs.

But, as is frequently pointed out to those who get snippy about such things on my Wing, MTP is private purchase and those WOs can do one.



And some words

Here’s the link to KombatUK’s
Kids’ sizes

They also do adult starting at waist 26”.

They are open to doing bulk orders from Cadet units if you call them.

I think Viper does similar.

I’d be hard pressed to see the difference in the Camo, the material might not be as hard wearing as the issue kit.

Had a peek at these and for the money would seem a reasonable option, certainly wont be advising a growing cadet to be paying the silly prices of Cadet direct.

And it will be a while before the new MTP sizes being introduced by the Army find their way through the PWS system

The other manufacturer of small sizes is Highlander not Viper. Apologies.
A local army surplus store should be able to order these in.
Seems like the best option until smaller sized issue stuff make their way through MOD disposals and on to the used market.

If you use KombatUK, make sure you get a trade account for your sqn and buy that way, because the prices are very much less. Then sell to the cadet.

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