MTP Smocks

Hello all.

I was just wondering if anyone knew of where to get a relatively cheap MTP Smock. Cadet Direct and Amazon do one for £50 but this is too much for me to save before having to use them. I do not believe there are any military surplus stores in the area.


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I’ve not tried them but apparently are good!

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Have you looked on eBay?

Air Shows or - better still - military vehicle shows. Plenty on in summer. About £25 for new condition smock, you can get shirts for about £5 and trousers for £10. So worth the event admission if you need kit. Just get there early.

Go nuts.

Facebook marketplace seems to have a fair amount of kit going… mostly suspect kit from ex cadets and Regulars… but kit nonetheless!

Our section still you DPMs and we have been trying to get MTPs for ages now, and recommendations.

Dragon Supplies in Colchester do a rather tasty MTP windproof smock - old Arctic Windproof style and gaberdene material in MTP, and with velcro and blanking plates on the arms.

Well ally, and ally saves lives.

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Ally doesn’t save you money though… Especially from there!

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Dropzone do one considerably cheaper.

Plenty of new stuff on ebay too.

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I’d always recommend going for second hand off fleabay - there’s loads of stuff that is so unused that’s it’s effectively new, and it’s so much cheaper that buying either new, or from a surplus store or some where like Silvertheives or Rip-off Direct.

Saving cash is important in itself, but even more important is that every saving on a smock, a shirt, a couple of pairs of trousers goes towards the really important stuff like the best boots you can possibly afford, a daysack, waterproofs and a softie jacket.