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Hi all, I’m a CI going to do the RCO course. I’m of a large size and struggling to find MTP in my size. I understand it is needed for the course but cannot be issued does anyone know of anywhere to get large sizes of MTP. I understand it may be hard to get hold of due to the military not needing much large size uniform. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


eBay has some
200/130 is the biggest size jackets
128 is the biggest waist

if your bigger then its cadet direct for their imitation MTP


I didn’t know you could get immigration stuff from Cadet Dorect. I had a look on their website and couldn’t see anything but I’ll have another look. Thanks for your help.


@big_g Do you know where on cadet direct you can find the larger imitation shirts, I’ve found standard non imitation trousers my size but not shirts.


dont see them, I would give them a call and see what they say


I just gave them a call they only do the immitation trousers and not shirts/smocks. Thanks for your help. Not sure what I’m going to do.


It’s not a requirement for CI’s to wear PCS/MTP on the range - just wear something comfortable and practical!

If you don’t mind spending money, you could see if somewhere like dixies corner in Wales could tailor some MTP to fit?

Or try your parent station stores, and ask if the station tailor will carry out alterations for you?


Contract the OC of the SATT running the course and explain your predicament. I’m sure they’ll be understanding.


Thanks for all your help made contact with Wing Shooting Officer and I’ve been informed we can wear civies. :grinning:

This is my motivator to diet and exercise and shift some weight.


Similar mate. Becoming a Dad and hopefully going back into uniform has given me the impetus to start getting into shape.


Not sure how big XXL is here but worth a try: BTP is a reasonable match

Don’t pay the website prices though - ask for a trade catalogue and say you want to be able to supply your cadets…


I believe that you can buy MTP or Kombat’s own version of it (British Woodland?) fabric by the metre. MTP will be pretty expensive. Then you can have it tailored yourself.
I and a number of other CFAVs & CTT wear a 95 stlye shirt made in MTP, much nicer, espec with summer spec sleeves rolled up & not covered in flipping velcro to stick to everything else in the washer!
I got mine from e-bay.


They are a bit gash. Might be fine for Cadet use but don’t expect it to last long. I took a chance in a cheap fleece they had and it broke that day, and was even broken in the plastic, I hadn’t noticed, and it was naff.


Ibbi is right, don’t bother wearing MTP for the course, it’s not a requirement.